TLM targets growth with ULS partnership

TLM Laser has announced a further expansion of its laser technology portfolio to include the Universal Laser Systems (ULS) range. This enables the company to offer laser-cutting solutions for a broad range of materials, including organics, plastics and metals. The company says its philosophy is one of building a portfolio of world-class laser processing technologies that is available within the UK and Ireland from a single source.

The ULS products provide TLM Laser with a range that includes desktop laser processing systems and stand-alone workstations using technology developed form a “material-centric approach”. ULS focuses on the materials used by companies, together with their manufacturing processes, to develop laser processing “tools” that can be used on any laser compatible materials.

Primarily based on CO2 laser sources with laser power from 30 to 150W, theseries offers working envelopes between 406 x 305 x 102mm in height to 1016 x 610 x 305mm. This broad choice of lasers, with wavelengths of 10.6or 9.3 μm, is capable of cutting and/or marking a vast range of materials.

One of the latest developments from ULS is the XLS10MWH MultiWave Hybrid,which is said to be the first and only lasersystem to combine multiple laser wavelengths and power levels into a single coaxial beam focused to a common focal plane. The XLS10 MultiWave Hybrid accommodates a fixed fibre laser source and two different CO2 laser wavelength sources that can be independently or simultaneously controlled for a virtually infinite number of wavelength and power combinations.

An ability to independently control each component of this hybrid laser beam allows laser processing flexibility for an unlimited number of organic and inorganic materials, says the company.
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