Suspension jet cutting on show

Under the banner ‘Suspension jet cutting – the most efficient way of waterjet cutting’, a specialist in mobile waterjet cutting, ANT Applied New Technologies AG, presented a trade fair highlight at the recent EMO 2019 exhibition in Hanover. ANT’s ConSus system is said to represent the next generation of portable waterjet cutting.

The novel waterjet cutting system claims to achieve double to triple the cutting speeds of conventional systems by eliminating air, and all this at a pressure of only 1500 bar. Where traditional injection processes reach their efficiency limits, systems by ANT have been designed to convince with high process accuracy and speed, as well as savings of 50% in running costs.
ANT also scores when it comes to material thicknesses of up to 1000 mm with good surface structure. The company invited EMO visitors to convince themselves of the quality of the machines by calling on the company’s stand to inspect its cutting exhibits, such as the combustion chamber of the Ariane 5 rocket and a cut piece from the dismantling of an offshore structure. The ConSus machine was awarded the Best of Industry Award 2018 in the category ‘Forming Technology’.
ANT Applied New Technologies AG, a specialist for water abrasive suspension (WAS) and special-purpose machinery, used EMO 2019 to present live demonstrations on its stand.
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