Structured light 3D scanner for design

Faro has launched its Cobalt Design structured light scanner product family. Structured light scanning technology uses projected light patterns with a camera system to capture large areas at once and, as a result, significantly reduces data capture time and delivers quicker results.

Cobalt Design, combined with the recently introduced RevEng software platform, delivers a one-stop digital design solution where small-to-medium objects can be scanned with precision, in colour, with multiple levels of resolution. As such, it is the first colour structured light scanner from Faro specifically developed for design applications. In particular, the device is said to be suited to the scanning of complex surfaces, especially highly detailed organic shapes. Cobalt Design addresses a variety of design requirements, including reverse engineering, prototype design, packaging design, digital cataloguing, and even jewellery and fashion design.
The device enables design professionals to set up scan parameters once and then proceed to scan similar objects at the push of a button. Furthermore, several pre-configured scanning and meshing settings are available by default. This functionality, in turn, translates to less time per scan position, more scans per day and faster completion of scan projects.
An integrated, rotational axis improves the 3D scanning process and maximises scanning coverage. The object/part is placed in a fixed position on the axis, after which the axis can be set to automatically rotate up to 360° as it is being scanned.
Cobalt Design captures millions of 3D measurement points in as little as one second, with up to 3.1 Mpx accuracy for small-to-medium complex objects.
Precise and high-quality textured scans can be captured in colour and delivered as realistic images that enable even more detailed representations of geometric surfaces and finishing.
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