Stepping up tube-cutting capabilities

Yamazaki Mazak says it is taking laser-cutting capabilities to the maximum with the launch of its compact 3D fibre laser cutting machine, the FG-220. The FG-220 is suitable for the precision 3D cutting of long tubes (with round, square, rectangular and triangular cross-sections) and structural materials (such as I and H beams, angle iron and additional user-defined shapes).

Use of the new machine’s improves the productivity of cutting thin-to-medium thickness pipe and other structural materials, thanks largely to the fibre-laser technology having a shorter wavelength than a CO2 laser for the high-speed cutting of medium steel with nitrogen assist gas. Higher productivity translates into significant energy savings due to the 100% elimination of laser gas and a 50% reduction in electrical consumption.

Furthermore, the FG-220 is an all-in-one machine that can perform multiple processes including cutting, drilling, tapping and clamping, which leads to significantly reduced in-process times.

Mazak has engineered a proprietary 3D laser cutting head with an extended range of movement in the A and B axes, which expands on the array of possible applications. The FG-220 enables machining at any desired angle and from various directions, thus achieving even complex shapes, as well as tight joint fits. As a result, it is possible to construct rigid space frames far quicker (with reduced welding) in comparison with conventional construction processes. The machine is suitable for use on a broader spectrum of workpieces, including highly-reflective materials such as copper and brass.

Several features enable high-precision cutting of long materials, such as auto-centring and workpiece clamping, as well as various support units to prevent sagging during cut. Four chucks simultaneously travel on and rotate around the axis to avoid material swaying.
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