Software inspects gears automatically

CMM manufacturer LK Metrology has introduced a third release of its CAMIO 2021 programming and measurement software featuring numerous improvements. The most significant is the inclusion of a module that automates the inspection of spur and helical involute gears.
CAMIO Gears makes it possible to begin measuring the specific geometry of gears quickly by utilising the core capabilities of CAMIO software to generate straightforward inspection programs, advanced gear reports and automated probe calibration routines.

For each gear type, the software has a unique set of definitions, evaluation algorithms and reporting graphics packaged into one add-on module, making it easy for users to bring a new capability to their existing CMM. The module supports alignment of the gear axis during measurement using any of the three CMM axes and traditional touch-trigger probes or advanced scanning probes.

LK has incorporated several other improvements into CAMIO 2021 R3, the availability of which was announced at the end of November. For instance, Smart 3-2-1 datum alignment is new functionality that intelligently selects the datum axis and origin constraints, as well as the most suitable datum features using best-practice techniques. Should the user change the alignment properties manually, the selections automatically update.

A further improvement is the Explorer Tree Datum Definition, which allows the more efficient definition of datum features directly from the feature explorer, with the option of specifying the datum label. In addition, the Report Table Feature Order provides new options for controlling the order in which features are reported in graphical tables, either alphabetically, by program output or in a user-defined order.
As another example, users may now define teach-path coordinates and directions using the CAD model.

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