RPI unveils TruMotion

RPI UK, a specialist in positioning devices for high-accuracy rotary and angular inspection systems, launched its TruMotion system at the recent Quality Show 2019 in Rosemont, USA.

Jim Palmer, RPI’s sales manager, says: “TruMotion is our latest innovation in the measurement of circular geometry (TIR) for internal and external diameters, and faces of small and medium-sized round parts in machining and grinding applications such as gears, gauges, bearings and aircraft engine components.”
The TruMotion range of precision, manual spin, mechanical bearing rotary tables is designed to inspect circular components in a shop-floor environment. Available in two sizes (200 and 400 mm), the systems offer a maximum load capacity of 50 kg, delivering radial and axial runout targeted at 3 µm. Moreover, TruMotion units feature a user-friendly interface with an optional touchscreen.
Also demonstrated at the show was QuadProfile, a small, precision rotary table for turbine blade inspection.
The Quadrant range of rotary tables provides an additional axis for any high-precision CMM inspecting parts such as gas turbine discs and fan blades. A component is simply rotated to meet the CMM’s measurement probe rather than the three-axis probe being programmed to reach multiple measurement points around a part. Not only does this design simplify the measurement procedure, it helps to deliver fast and accurate indexing, as well as increase the CMM’s application range and effective measuring volume. Overall, this improves the flexibility, productivity and efficiency of the CMM inspection.
For further information www.rpiuk.com