Rotary tables for Optiv CMMs

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has extended the accessory range for the Optiv Performance 663 and Optiv Performance 664 CMMs by adding two new CNC rotary tables and Optiv Dual Rotary CNC stacked rotary tables as options.
The use of the integrated CNC rotary axis increases overall inspection performance when measuring rotationally symmetrical parts. Such workpieces can be measured in a single set-up, as features distributed around the circumference of the part can be rotated into a position which is optimal for multi-sensor measurement. PC-DMIS measuring software takes the rotation of the workpiece co-ordinate system relative to the machine co-ordinate system into account. As a point of note, the Optiv Dual Rotary option allows the entire rotary axis to swivel on an additional axis so the sensors can reach geometries which are inclined to the longitudinal axis of the workpiece.
The tactile measurement of prismatic workpieces on a rotary table or stacked rotary table also offers improved efficiency as complex geometries become easily accessible with only a few simple styli configurations. This reduces the number of probe changes, as well as the number of axis movements.
Two sizes of CNC rotary table are available, offering maximum torques of 2 or 10 Nm, and centred load capacities of 900 or 1800 N. Depending on the version, self-centring, three-jaw chucks for diameters between 2 and 125 mm are optionally available. With the Optiv Dual Rotary option, two rotary tables are combined to enable two-axis rotations.
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