Rimex opts for Timesavers hairline system

The latest addition to the machinery portfolio at Enfield-based Rimex – a specialist in the production of metal sheet finishes – particularly polished, embossed and coloured stainless steel sheet products, is a bespoke Timesavers 72 Series 1600-HL ‘hairline’ finishing system from Ellesco.

“Although many of our European customers prefer a satin finish on sheet for internal architectural features, ‘hairline’ is extremely popular in the Asian market,” says Nick Barnes, sales director at Rimex. “We have been able to supply hairline product in the past, but it wasn’t straightforward and we had to modify/reset existing machines, which added time and cost. Our investment in a bespoke machine from Ellesco and Timesavers to achieve that finish has streamlined the whole process.”
In order to deliver a hairline finish on the 72 Series 1600-HL, the abrasive belt moves at a slow speed, around 0.6-2 mm/min, while the material passes beneath. The effect is to create a continuous ‘scratch effect’ from one end of the sheet to the other, a finish that is seen as more aesthetically pleasing for internal architectural features such as elevator doors and internal walls.
Production director at Rimex, Richard Watson, says: “We are now focusing on creating a standard hairline finish, using a grit size that gives a softer look to the surface that meets all the standards for external cladding, where the roughness tolerance has to be less than 0.5 Ra.”
For further information www.ellesco.co.uk