Revealing the future of laser technology

Trumpf presented tomorrow’s laser technology at the ‘Laser – World of Photonics’ trade fair in Munich last month.
A new beam guidance concept for ultra-short pulse lasers took centre stage. At the moment, it is technologically impossible to send ultra-short laser pulses down a flexible glass fibre to the workpiece – the laser pulse is so intense that it destroys the glass fibre. However, Trumpf has a new concept that gets around this problem and enables new ways to flexibly integrate lasers into machines and facilities.
“This is a real game-changer,” says Klaus Löffler, managing director and head of sales at Trumpf Laser und Systemtechnik GmbH. “Some 30 years ago the first laser light cable suitable for industrial use proved the breakthrough for solid-state lasers; our new beam guidance concept promises to do the same for ultra-short pulse lasers today.”
New diode laser technology was another highlight at the show. With it, Trumpf says it is laying the foundations for “green production” in industrial manufacturing. The company presented a diode laser that is not only suitable for conventional applications such as soldering, hardening and laser deposition welding, but can also handle industrial applications that require significantly higher beam quality. A clear advantage of diode laser technology is its high efficiency.
The TrumpfDira product range, specially designed for applications in the research sector, was also on display. These laser amplifiers deliver high-energy picosecond pulses combined with high repetition rates; for instance, to pump optical parametric amplifiers.
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