Quality comes to the surface with Accretech

After searching for a suitably accurate and efficient portable means of inspecting the surface characteristics of ground components, the technical staff of Kingsbury’s Grinding Division discovered the Accretech HandySurf+ instrument. In addition to delivering the high-levels of precision required, the robust product facilitates easy transportation to customer premises and to the ability withstand shop-floor use.

Kingsbury launched the company’s Grinding Division in 2017 and now represents Haas Schleifmaschinen GmbH in the UK, Ireland and Gulf regions. Also, in late 2021, Kingsbury began representing Studer within the Gulf area.

The recently purchased Accretech HandySurf+ at Kingsbury is now gathering accurate surface roughness data in pre-qualification trials before the sale of grinding machines. Kingsbury also uses the instrument to aid the development of new processes.

Grinding Division application engineer Kevin Ling says: “When demonstrating the effectiveness of our machine tools and showing the complexity of the components we can develop, establishing the required surface finish standards is a priority. This is a necessity not only for customer compliance, but also for determining dressing parameters and the optimal grinding wheel specification.

“The purchase of our advanced Accretech instrument provides us with the ability to measure surface roughness quickly with excellent levels of precision,” he adds. “In addition to other uses, our HandySurf+ is employed to prove the exceptional standards of surface finish that our grinding machines are able to achieve and provide our customers with confidence. Also, our Accretech equipment guarantees that our machines continue to deliver expected financial returns to our customers as we assist in the development of new processes and product lines.”
For further information www.accretech.eu