Qualiturn projects a quality image

Hertford-based subcontract machining services provider Qualiturn Products is an enthusiastic early user of Mitutoyo’s new PJ-Plus profile projectors.

Says managing director Nick Groom: “Although we were happy with our existing relatively modern profile projectors, after seeing a Mitutoyo PJ-Plus profile projector inspecting a range of fairly complex, precise components, I was amazed to see the difference that the inclusion of LED lighting made to the crispness of the images on the screen. Also, as the regular replacement of halogen lights following lamp burnout has always been a downside of using previous-generation profile projectors, I was happy to discover that the use of LED illumination delivered extended service life and reduced running costs.”

Now in regular use, Qualiturn’s two new PJ-Plus models are proving very popular with the company’s quality personnel.

“LED lighting not only reduces eye fatigue, but improved screen images enable easier and more precise component inspection,” says Groom. “In addition to helping ensure the continuing quality of our output, the ease and speed of use of our new Mitutoyo profile projectors has further improved our levels of inspection efficiency. So impressed have we been with the performance of the two profile projectors that I’ve placed an order with Mitutoyo UK for an additional three PJ-Plus models.”

With a resolution of 0.001 mm, Mitutoyo says that PJ-Plus profile projectors are heavy-duty, bench-top units that provide accurate, reliable measurements within manufacturing environments and other areas where conventional profile projectors struggle to cope. Suitable for use by experienced quality personnel or by production staff, PJ-Plus projectors feature an intuitive operation system that facilitates precise dimensional and angular measurements.

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