Providing all-round precision to Tenon Engineering

Dorking-based Tenon Engineering specialises in the integrated design and production of complex electromechanical assemblies. To support Tenon’s company-wide quality philosophy and aid its high-precision capabilities, the business provides its quality control staff with a range of cutting-edge inspection equipment. An example of Tenon’s willingness to invest in its quality function is the company’s recently purchased Mitutoyo RoundTest RA-2200 CNC instrument.

Tenon’s chief engineer Terry Healy says. “Much of our output has challenging roundness and cylindricity measurement parameters. In addition to the accuracy of the proposed new equipment being vitally important, because of the continuous throughput of high-precision components in our busy quality department, the speed and ease of use of the chosen system were also major considerations.

“Having studied the available options, we concluded that a RoundTest RA-2200 CNC was the best choice for our demanding precision and efficiency needs,” he continues. “As the Mitutoyo roundness and cylindricity measurement instrument is so easy to use, our quality control staff quickly mastered its operation. Now, in addition to measuring one-offs, we’re able to load batches of components on to the instrument’s table, recall previously written part-programs and start rapid, CNC inspection routines. Once underway, the instrument’s ability to undertake fully automated inspection tasks allows its operator to undertake other duties.

“In addition to the RoundTest RA-2200 being able to achieve the high levels of precision that we require, its fast CNC operation has reduced the possibility of bottlenecks in the areas of roundness and cylindricity inspection.”

A wide variety of RoundTest models are available to suit most applications, and despite their speed and ease-of-use, the instruments offer multifunction analysis capabilities.
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