Programming optimisation cuts cycle times

A contract to supply metal bread baskets for the Eiffel Tower’s restaurant was the catalyst for a laser-cutting company to invest in Radan sheet-metal CADCAM software.

Vincent Glatre, plant manager at Métal Industrie, says: “The proprietary software with our laser cutter couldn’t solve the complex programming required for these components, and generated more knockouts than parts on the sheet.” The company urgently looked at several software systems, and the first tests with Radan’s nesting module enabled Métal Industrie to meet the order’s deadline.
“Beyond the immediate resolution of our nesting issue, we immediately saw a 10% reduction in cutting times, thanks to program optimisation,” says Mr Glatre.
He says that since then, Métal Industrie has strengthened its software step-by-step to make it a productivity tool every bit as valuable as a new machine.
“In the early days we used the software that came with our machines, which was fine for simple cutting and common issues, but as we took on increasingly complex work we needed Radan’s automation features, which were capable of optimising the nests, to save costs on raw material and increase productivity.”
Like many companies, Métal Industrie originally prepared its quotes on internally-developed spreadsheets. However, the company simplified procedures by integrating Radan’s Radquote software, which mastered all the required technologies while also supporting other data necessary for accurate and functional costing, such as analysis and transport.
“Its full flexibility means we can adapt it to the specific needs of each customer,” says Glatre.
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