Pressure Tech opts for Keyence

Japanese measuring specialist Keyence has supplied Pressure Tech, a UK manufacturer of stainless-steel pressure regulators for use in gas and liquid applications, with an IM-7000 image dimension measurement system.

From a technical point of view, a critical element of any Pressure Tech product is its ability to create a seal between two surfaces. Variance in the angle of a sealing part can be the difference between the part creating a seal or not.
“We previously relied on a CNC program and basic methodology to address this requirement,” says Keith O’Pray, operations and system manager at Pressure Tech. “However, as we’re always looking to enhance our internal processes, we were keen to source the latest measuring equipment to take this aspect of our production to the next level.”
After careful consideration, the IM-7000 was acquired. The device was selected because of its range of specialist measurement tools, its built-in dimensional reporting feature and its speed of measurement, an essential feature on batch runs with low cycle times.
Importantly, the new image measurement system allows Pressure Tech personnel to closely monitor the angle of all the external sealing surfaces manufactured, measuring to within 0.01°. The results, according to O´Pray, speak for themselves: since acquiring this system “we’ve consequently been able to ensure repeatability of the machining process and the quality of the components produced”.
New programs take just minutes to create and a full dimensional report for a part can be generated at the click of a button.
“This means we are seeing benefits not only in the improvement and consistency of the components produced, but also in the speed of measurement; given the complexity of some parts, this is imperative when working to tight deadlines,” says O’Pray.
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