PCD package offers improved performance

Vollmer has further optimised the machining processes for PCD (polycrystalline diamond) tools produced on its QXD 250 erosion machine.

With the company’s new performance package, Vollmer is reducing machining time and therefore increasing the efficiency of the QXD 250, largely through seamless interaction between generator technology, process parameters, gap evaluation and drive technology. The company is offering a new payment model for the package, which can be individually adapted to customer requirements.
With the QXD 250, different PCD tools can be sharpened accurately in a single set-up. The VPulse EDM generator technology ensures high surface quality at maximum material removal rates. In addition to the software available for PCD tools with inserts, the ExLevel Pro software permits hybrid sharpening (eroding and grinding) of cylindrical slugs with sintered or soldered-in PCD to produce drills, mills and reamers.
Vollmer can retrofit the package, consisting of a software and hardware component, on any QXD 250 that is being used by a customer. Implementation is performed on-site by a service technician, who checks the machine’s condition and technical requirements. Vollmer’s service also includes a test phase, during which users can test the efficiency of the performance package for their application areas on the QXD 250 without high costs or risk.
The performance package is one of the first products from Vollmer’s new V@dison digital initiative, which aims to integrate the company’s grinding and erosion machines in an IoT environment in order to help tool manufacturers implement their Industry 4.0 projects.
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