Optical µCMM takes centre stage

Alicona’s recently introduced Optical µCMM was displayed at the recent Advanced Engineering exhibition in Birmingham, UK.

The µCMM is said to be the only purely optical micro-coordinate 3D measuring system available, providing high levels of accuracy not available on multi-sensor machines. Users benefit from all the advantages of tactile co-ordinate measuring technology, but with optical surface measurement to measure dimensions, position, shape and surface finish of components using just one optical sensor.
When supplied with GD&T software, µCMM offers the high geometric measurement of a number of 3D features in relation to each other, which provides the ability to measure small surface features with sub-micron accuracy in a short time. In addition to geometric position, users are able to measure surface finish in the same cycle, thus providing improved productivity.
The range of measurable surfaces includes all common industrial materials and composites, such as plastic, PCD, CFRP, ceramics, chrome, silicon and so on, including matt and polished components. Simple automated operation is implemented by single-button solutions built into a specially designed handheld remote controller. Air-bearing axles with linear drives enable wear-free use and high-precision, rapid measurement, says Alicona.
Options include the motorised Real3D Rotation Unit, which turns the three-axis system into a five-axis system and enables users to measure components from several directions, including round parts.
The automation of measurement operations is facilitated by the Automation Manager interface. Thus, µCMM offers the fully automatic measurement and evaluation of surface roughness parameters and GD&T features. The measurement result is therefore completely operator-independent.
For further information www.alicona.com