No delivery too challenging for XYZ

Having won a substantial six-machine order from Přibram Technical College in the Czech Republic, XYZ’s distributor Rexim had to overcome significant challenges to deliver the machines.

With careful negotiation, permission was granted to open up the inner and outer doorways, removing the door frames and cutting away brick and plasterwork to make the openings just large enough for the machines to pass through and remove. Adding to the challenge was the need to get the machines up a large flight of stairs between the outer and inner door, as well as negotiate a 90° corner. The stairs required a stage to be created on to which the machines were positioned before being slid through the door.
Preparation for the move took a total of 50 hours prior to the machines’ arrival, with just eight hours required to offload and locate the six machines, which comprised an XYZ 660 HD vertical machining centre, a CT 65 LTY turning centre, an SMX 3500 ProtoTrak mill, an SLX 355 ProTurn lathe and two manual training lathes. Once installed, a further 16 hours were needed to reinstate the doorways, work that involved 60 bags (25 kg each) of cement/plaster and two pallets of bricks.
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