Multi-axis machining improves productivity

Mastercam Multiaxis is an add-on for Mastercam Mill 3D, Router 3D, Mill-Turn and Mastercam for SolidWorks. It improves productivity with simultaneous four- and five-axis machining capability for Mastercam. Notably, Mastercam Multiaxis offers a wide range of multi-axis machining strategies, both basic and advanced. These tool paths are also useful for the advanced control of three-axis machines.

The new Multiaxis Unified tool path allows users to select multiple pieces of input geometry to generate the tool-path pattern. Using those geometry choices, Multiaxis Unified picks the best algorithm to calculate the path. This single tool path gives users access to all the surface-based tool paths, as well as the geodesic tool-path options, in a single interface.

New Deburr tool-path enhancements include a new option ‘number of cuts along edges’ that allows users to add multiple cuts to the deburr tool path, rounding or flattening edges, to create a quality edge on deburred parts. Additionally, new ‘tilt range’ options allow users to limit tilt when machining type is set to five-axis (simultaneous) or 3+2 axis.

Maintaining climb and conventional machining is critical for surface finish and tool life. ‘Controlling climb and conventional cutting’ now provides control of climb or conventional cutting when working with surfaces that may require using both sides of a tool. It was previously impossible to maintain this while machining a curved shape that would require the use of both sides of the cutter.

Swarf milling tool-path enhancements include the ‘drop tool to floor’ option, which controls whether Mastercam will drop the tool path down to a floor or retract to the bottom of swarf surfaces.

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