ModuleWorks 2022.08 digital manufacturing software

ModuleWorks has released its 2022.08 CADCAM software components for digital manufacturing. This is the second major ModuleWorks release of 2022 and contains new and enhanced features across the entire product range, including new custom tool shapes for roughing, automatic tool axis control and vector interpolation for the machine simulation.

With a new feature for creating generic revolved tools, operators can customise the shape of the tool’s cutting and non-cutting parts for all triangle mesh-based roughing strategies. Customised tools avoid over-simplification because they take specific features of the tool shape into account during the tool-path calculation to deliver a realistic simulation of the material removal process.

Another new feature is automatic tool axis control for multi-axis finishing. In automatic mode, the contact point, as well as the lead and lag angles, are automatically defined according to each available tool. This capability reduces programming time and simplifies tool axis definition.

The RTCP ON command in the ModuleWorks Machine Simulation has a new option called ‘by vectors’. Between any two moves, the Machine Simulation interpolates the tool’s movement to ensure the tool tip points are located on a line and the tool vectors are located on a plane. It is possible to control the size of the interpolation steps, and the command requires no machine kinematic knowledge, making it straightforward to use.

The ModuleWorks 2022.08 release is available now for download from the ModuleWorks website.
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