Mitutoyo CMM aids Artemis quality

Loanhead-based Artemis Intelligent Power, a specialist in digitally controlled hydraulic pumps, recently searched for an advanced CMM that could deliver the company’s required levels of precision and feedback. After considering several CMMs from alternative manufacturers, a Mitutoyo Strato-Apex 7106 was purchased and installed.

Fergus McIntyre of Artemis Intelligent Power says: “Not only did the Strato-Apex 7106 have the XYZ capacity [700 x 1000 x 600 mm] that would accommodate the range of components we manufacture, it provided the high-accuracy capabilities that would enable the inspection of our parts, many of which have challenging dimensional specifications.
“It helped our decision that the Strato-Apex CMM was easy to operate and that Mitutoyo UK have an excellent reputation for customer service,” he adds. “Soon after the machine’s installation and operator training, our staff quickly mastered the CMM’s controls and software.
“Given our projected increase in production and the large volumes of parts that will need accurate inspection, not only will the Mitutoyo CMM help take care of current R&D and goods-inward inspection needs, but its operating speed should help it remain ‘future-proof’ and able to handle increased output from our new production unit.
“To ensure that we fully exploit our Strat-Apex CMM’s CNC capabilities and fast operating speed, we will continuously add to our already written library of component inspection programs. This will enable us to load from a single part, up to a large batch of components, on to the CMM’s bed, recall the relevant program and instigate a rapid, fully automated inspection routine.”
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