Mitsubishi adds spark to MACH

Mitsubishi Electric used the recent MACH 2018 as the platform to introduce its latest CNC control unit on the company’s established MV series of EDM machines. The Mitsubishi EDM stand at MACH was furnished with MV1200S and MV2400R machines.

Advanced technology and a new user interface can be a daunting prospect for any machine operator; Mitsubishi Electric has overcome this by offering both the new and established interface in a single control. With the flick of a switch, the new CNC interface can revert to either type.
The machine operator has a large screen monitor and modern gesture controls with a configurable interface that supports the user by allowing the main function elements to be freely arranged for daily work. Furthermore, the step-by-step dialogue guidance pilots less experienced operators through the entire process with checklists taking operators from programming through to machining.
Tailored to the needs of the end user, the interface has an easy-to-grasp display with all the machining parameters in configurable form to make everything visible. For scheduling, support is provided with an overview of remaining wire, filter cartridge state and other parameters. Complete documentation for the machine, including maintenance instructions and manuals, are integrated into the software with 3D diagrams and images also included to guide the user through every facet and process of the machine.
To put the user in charge of the Mitsubishi EDM machine at all times, the interface allows operators to monitor the machine portfolio from anywhere at any time. Powered by Teamviewer, customers can access their machines via mobile technology such as phones and tablets with direct status reports available
via email.
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