Mazak lasers and automation solutions on show

Yamazaki Mazak took five laser cutting machines and two automation solutions to the recent EuroBLECH 2018 exhibition in Hanover, Germany. The standout machine was a new model of the Optiplex 3015 6 kW DDL (Direct Diode Laser) laser profiling machine. Mazak says that the resonator enables fast cutting of stainless steel and aluminium, and is up to 15% faster than its 6kW fibre equivalent. Most importantly, the DDL machine delivers stable cutting for both thin and thick material due to the use of ‘Beam Diameter Control’ technology, along with intelligent monitoring andset-up functions.

Alongside the DDL was the FG-220 DDL 4kW, a new DDL version of the company’s tube and pipe cutting machines. The machine is designed for maximum productivity utilising high-speed approach piercing to improve cutting speeds on both thin and medium-thick material by up to 20% compared with CO2 lasers.

Also, on the stand were 10 and 8kW versions of the Optiplex Fiber III laser. Of note, the 8 kW version was equipped with a Mazak Smart Cell automation system, developed to complement machines in the Mazak laser portfolio.

The Smart Cell system has a compact layout along with an ergonomic design for improved access and ease of operation. The automation cell can be programmed offline and, when in operation, offers detailed reporting of production status and operation, automatic parts separation detection and dynamic kinetics to calculate weight and optimise speed.Most importantly, Smart Cell offers an Industry 4.0-ready solution for laser users.

The final machine on the stand was a 6kW Optiplex Nexus 3015 Fiber, equipped with a Fasani CST automation system.
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