Magnetics can improve EDM filtration

Even with its precision and high-quality results, EDM can – and often does – come with its problems. Until recently, solutions to such issues have been difficult to come by. However, with the help of magnetic technology, many problems can be overcome, increasing machine efficiency significantly.

Properly filtered dielectric fluid is instrumental in producing highly accurate and high-quality machined parts, and is essential for transferring the charge during the process, flushing particles out of the gap between the workpiece to prevent them from forming bridges that cause a short circuit.

By using a magnetic filter in conjunction with the traditional paper barrier filter, fluids benefit from the highest level of protection. Using a paper filter alone can allow particles smaller than the pore of the filter to flow through, leaving the fluid susceptible to secondary sparking. By introducing magnetic technology, it is possible to quickly and safely remove these particles, ensuring the removal of virtually all contamination.

The Micromag magnetic filter, designed and manufactured by Eclipse Magnetics, provides a way of solving many problems that occur during the EDM process. Its high-intensity collection capabilities, coupled with its high-strength magnetic core and an optimised fluid flow orientation, work to remove almost all ferrous particles from the dielectric fluid. Cleaner fluids lead to marked improvements in secondary sparking, significantly less wire breakages, increased machine productivity and longer tool life.

According to Eclipse Magnetics, Micromag provides a rapid return on investment – often within just weeks – and, with its easy-clean design, the collected swarf can be quickly and efficiently disposed of and recycled, reducing the need for high-cost consumables.

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