Machining and AM in a single platform

A new five-axis machining centre with integrated laser-deposition welding capability for accurate, reliable, cost-effective, complete production of complex components in one hit has been introduced by DMG Mori. The LaserTec 125 3D hybrid is intended for the manufacture, maintenance and repair of workpieces up to 1250 mm in diameter by 745 mm high, and weighing up to 2000 kg.

Based on DMG Mori’s rigid MonoBlock platform, the LaserTec 125 3D hybrid offers automatic changeover between laser-deposition welding and simultaneous five-axis milling in a single set-up, reducing processing times by up to 80%. Such savings are helped by eliminating the need for heat treatment as a separate process step due to the machine’s ability to deposit material with a hardness of up to 63 HRc.
The alternate use of laser-deposition welding and simultaneous five-axis milling is beneficial for improving production processes or enabling new component geometries, an example being the manufacture of closed impellers. Another strength of these hybrid machines is the production and repair of hot and cold forming, and forging dies.
DMG Mori’s LaserTec 125 3D hybrid can also produce lightweight structures that reduce the weight of parts by up to 90%. A selling point of laser-deposition welding is the possibility it offers to change between two materials quickly under CNC. So, for instance, hard surfacing to reduce wear can be carried out in one area and corrosion-resistant welding for environmental protection may be performed in another. Alternatively, the cooling characteristics of a part can be significantly increased. As an illustration, a die-casting mould can be produced by starting with a bronze core that dissipates heat effectively, and welding on to it an outer skin of tool steel.
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