LVD shows full-featured tube laser

LVD showcased its TL 8525, the most advanced tube laser cutting machine in its TL series, at the recent Tube 2022 exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany. The company says that its TL 8525 opens the door to a world of versatile tube and profile processing with optimised features, including 45° 3D tilt-axis cutting head, six-position front loader, wide X-axis cutting range, and the ability to cut tubes up to 8500 mm long (up to 3000 mm long and 250 mm diameter).

Built for high productivity, the TL 8525 can accommodate a broad range of applications, including complex, large and heavy tubes. The 400 mm Z axis efficiently handles the processing of larger profiles. Notably, the machine maintains the compact footprint of other TL models and offers the advantage of accessibility on all sides. AS loading and unloading is handled on one side, the machine can fit into a small space or against a wall.

LVD’s 45° 3D tilt-cutting head delivers high-precision bevel cutting and is suitable for weld-preparation cuts in thick-walled tubes, while the front loader loads up to six tubes and offers six positions for up to 250 mm tubes. The 1190 mm X-axis cutting-head range permits processing along a greater length of the tube, wasting less material to make tube cutting more productive and profitable.

Automatic tube loading, automatic tube centring, and automatic set up and adjustment of the chuck and steady rest, offer highly automated, reliable operation.

The TL 8525 comes equipped with a 2 kW fibre laser source, although a 4 kW laser is available as an option.
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