LK releases CAMIO 2021 software

LK Metrology has released the latest version of its measurement, programming, analysis and reporting CMM software. Now called CAMIO 2021, numerous improvements help to increase inspection productivity, enhance the quality of data collected and gain better insight into the measurement of components.
For instance, CAMIO 2021 Geometry Validation reduces the time taken when preparing new inspection programs by automatically detecting which surfaces of the CAD model should be used to measure the feature. It ensures that all measurements are taken on suitable surfaces automatically, at the same time providing the programmer with the option to modify default settings and selections.

During programming of the feature, the CAD simulation highlights the geometry used for the validation and previews the measurement sequence. This preview combines with the teach path view to provide full visual and numerical evaluation of the programming sequence prior to executing the touch points or scanning sequence, enabling the programmer to get the inspection sequence right first time when programming online or offline.
Other improvements have been made to the programming workflow by extending the picking function to touch points and scan paths on a CAD model, and to indicate the selection of existing measured features.

New for CAMIO 2021, probe self-centring allows the centre point of a V-groove to be automatically located and measured using a scanning probe. This capability replicates hard gauging and measurement with gauge balls, typically used for gear tooth inspection and measuring countersink depth. Probe self-centring responds to the continuous deflections of an analogue probe in real time to locate the mid-point between two surfaces.

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