LK develops five-axis CMM

Manufactured in the UK by LK Metrology, the latest Altera range of CMMs has been coupled with Renishaw’s REVO-2 scanning system and multi-sensor technology to offer manufacturers a five-axis solution for inspecting the dimensional accuracy and surface finish of components.

A notable design feature of the newly developed SCANtek 5 package is the ceramic construction of the CMM beam and spindle, which combines optimal stiffness-to-weight ratio for responsiveness with mechanical and thermal stability.
The SCANtek 5 multi-sensor package includes Renishaw’s MODUS software for importing data, controlling the CMM, acquiring results and reporting – including GD&T labelling. High scanning speeds boost measurement throughput, shorten production lead-times, provide awareness of product conformance, and prevent the metrology department from becoming a bottleneck.
LK’s SCANtek 5 is available in a variety of standard measuring volumes from 800 x 700 x 600 mm (8.7.6) to 6000 x 2000 x 1000 mm (60.20.10), with larger options. The Alteram models with repeatability from 1.5 µm are being marketed alongside an Altera SL range offering repeatability from 0.7 µm. LK says it is so sure of the long-term performance of these premium machines that it is the only CMM manufacturer to offer a 10-year accuracy guarantee.
Ready for operation immediately it arrives in the inspection room or on the shop floor, the five-axis CMM gives users a competitive advantage, making it easier to win new work and speed product development. A three-axis measuring solution, by contrast, is often unable to measure some complex features.
Scanning at up to 500 mm/s, without the stylus leaving the surface of the component, allows the co-ordinates of up to 4000 points to be captured ‘on-the-fly’ every second, a rate of data acquisition far higher than is possible using conventional probing techniques.
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