Laser roughening and honing machines

The EA211 evo engine from VW has been manufactured using the latest technologies to increase efficiency, such as coating of the cylinder liner. Set to install new production lines in China, Gehring has received an order to supply the laser roughening and honing machines for this purpose.

Dr Sebastian Schöning, CEO of the Gehring Group, who oversees the firm’s development strategy, says: “We are happy that we were able to achieve concrete environmental improvements together with our customer.”
The thermal coating of cylinder bores is a highly sought-after technology for increasing the efficiency of internal combustion engines. Gehring is focusing on optimising the process chain of: laser roughening – coating – honing. In order to produce a strong bond between the coating and engine block, efficient roughening processes are required to ensure overall functionality.
Gehring’s laser roughening technology is said to bring about operative advantages. For instance, apart from cost savings and an improved working environment, there is also a positive effect on overall engine design. In addition to high adhesive tensile strengths with low roughness, economic advantages take effect in mass production, since no wearing tools are needed and coating material is saved. Both aluminium and cast iron can be pre-machined with the laser-refining process.
Gehring laser-roughening machines have two spindles with novel rotation optics for the simultaneous machining of two cylinder liners. The co-ordinated process steps (roughening – coating – honing) lead to low friction and wear-resistant cylinder liners, which contribute to more compact and efficient internal combustion engines, says the company.
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