Lapping up the orders

Advanced Grinding Solutions (AGS) says it has received a number of enquiries for lapping machines since being appointed as the sole UK distributor for the FLP range of machines.
FLP constructs single-disc and double-disc machines, as well as a range of consumables that include diamond paste, powder, spray and lapping and polishing fluids, and tooling such as carrier plates and rings. The company also offers a subcontract lapping facility for its customers.

However, a further service available from FLP is rebuilt used machines, often from stock, which have been re-manufactured to as-new standard. The company can also supply replacement spare and wear parts for all market established machines, such as those from Stähli, Wolters, Wenzky, Melchiorre, Lapmaster and Speedfam.
It is the rebuild options that seem to have attracted a lot of attention from UK companies looking to update their in-house lapping and fine-grinding capabilities without incurring the costs of purchasing new machines. Many customers opt to purchase rebuilt machines rather than having their own machines overhauled as it means that production is not affected and costs remain more or less the same. Furthermore, customers can always opt at a later date to send old machines to FLP by way of a part-exchange deal.
Regardless of the type and size of a customer’s old fine grinding, flat honing, lapping or polishing machine – FLP will carry out process and technology orientated improvements and general overhauls. Processes include the replacement of sub-assemblies for which spare parts can no longer be supplied, retrofitting of automation such as PLCs, and the replacement of materials with more wear resistant types, for example rustproof steel.
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