Lantek achieves record turnover

Lantek, a multinational company that develops and markets CADCAM, MES and ERP solutions for the sheet metal sector, grew its turnover in 2021 to a record €26.6m, increasing sales to machine tool manufacturers by 40%. Total growth was 26% up on 2020 levels.

The number of active customers at the end of the year exceeded 29,000, with 3400 new customers across 100 countries during 2021. Lantek continues to strengthen its growth in international markets with an increase in sales volume of 42% in Asia, 13% in America and 19% in the EMEA region, while growth in countries such as Germany (33%) and Italy (25.6%), are among stand-out results.

In Italy, the company has further consolidated its presence with the construction of a new building. This new facility, located in Turin, has a surface area of over 1200 sq m. For both solutions and digitisation sales volumes, Italy has achieved rapid growth, making it one of the main markets for these Lantek products.

To build on its technological leadership even further, Lantek has already started a long-term R&D growth and investment plan that extends to 2025.

“In 2022, we’re making the largest investment in the history of our company: in the first phase of our strategic expansion plan we’ve increased our commitment to R&D by 70%,” says López de Biñaspre, the company’s CEO. “Our workforce will grow by 50%, with a special emphasis on R&D and our international customer service team.”

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