Kafo machine chosen for defence parts

Rotherham-based Newburgh Precision Ltd, a contract manufacturer of project-critical component parts and assemblies, has acquired a new Kafo KMC-4140 double-column CNC machining centre from sole UK agent, TDT Technology. The machine has been purchased to produce high-value components for the defence industry.

“We recently secured a long-term defence contract for large stainless steel components and needed extra capacity,” explains managing director David Greenan. “Initially, we began producing the parts on an existing bed mill, but this machine already had a busy workload and it was apparent we needed a new resource.”
Assessing the various options online, Newburgh Precision shortlisted two machines, including the Kafo KMC-4140, which met the company’s requirements of size, capability, build quality and price.
“As luck would have it, we were aware of a company in France that had both of the machines on our list,” says Greenan. “One of our team paid them a visit and, upon discussion, discovered they had a preference for the Kafo. In my opinion you cannot beat personal recommendation when you are making machine tool investments.
“To be honest, the Kafo is not the most expensive machine in the world, but its build quality – in terms of strength and rigidity – belies its price tag,” he adds. “This is good news for us because the free-issue material for the stainless steel defence part carries a value of £80,000 per workpiece. As a result, high build quality is paramount in ensuring precision and repeatability.”
Newburgh also says the speed of the Kafo machine means the company can process parts around 25% quicker than using its bed mill.
For further information www.tdt-technology.co.uk