Injecting certainty into the moulding process

GF Machining Solutions’ die-sink machines are equipped with 3DS, an intelligent surface texturing technology that reduces friction on the surface area of moulds and, as a consequence, enables injection-moulded parts manufacturers to improve their productivity and performance.

Injection moulding process productivity can be compromised by de-moulding issues caused in many instances by increasing part and polymer complexity. An effective and traditional way of overcoming these issues is to apply coatings to the mould surface, which reduce adhesion and friction, enabling moulded parts to be ejected quickly. This coating process occurs after the machining operations have been completed and, as such, adds time and cost to the whole manufacturing process.
A new, less time-consuming approach using advanced EDM die-sinking technology has been developed by GF Machining Solutions. In essence, the new approach can be adopted by mould makers with access to the company’s latest AgieCharmilles Form P and Form X die-sinking machines, which are equipped with the high-performance and digital Intelligent Speed Power Generator (ISPG) and 3DS, an on-board, intelligent surface texturing technology that can be accessed directly from the machines’ HMI control.
3DS technology smoothes the distance between the peaks and valleys on the mould surface, but not to a point where the peaks are eliminated. The technology stretches the surface RMS (root mean square) value without affecting the Ra value and, because the peaks are more evenly spread on the surface that is created in the mould, prevents sticking.
Owing to the reduced surface friction, moulds can be filled faster (shaving seconds off the moulding process) and moulded parts can be ejected quickly and effortlessly.
For manufacturers that make millions of injection-moulded parts, this capability enables significant cycle time reductions and the potential to make hundreds of thousands of additional parts.
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