Industry 4.0 developments from Soraluce

That the Industry 4.0 integrated information initiative holds great benefit for machine tool users is patently clear to Soraluce – and will be to its worldwide customer base.

“The developments we are instigating now with machines and automated manufacturing systems are just scratching the surface of the possible rewards that users could harness from 30 years or more of advances in IT and computer technologies,” says Xabier Medizabal, R&D director at Soraluce, which is represented in the UK by TW Ward CNC Machinery (Ward CNC). “The correct use of these technologies holds the key to information gathering in automated machining scenarios that will enable users to not only boost production output but also help guarantee machining quality and consistency. These solutions are not expensive and they are available now. But the real challenge is being able to gather the information efficiently, then to trust and utilise that data and make objective decisions in order to gain real benefits.”
Reinforcing Mendizabal’s comments, Soraluce’s new ‘Smart Machine’ technology highlights how real-time machine status from smart sensors can be viewed and harnessed.
Based on cloud computing, the system captures and records all relevant information on overall machining cycle performance and energy consumption, as well as temperature, tooling usage/wear, energy consumption and downtime. It also, for example, produces alarms (including by email) of key process signs/preventative maintenance requirements. All data is accessible via PC and mobile devices as well as the internet.
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