Heidenhain in control at EMO 2019

To manufacture products that satisfy high demands for accuracy and quality in a reliable, economic and efficient manner, having command of complex milling and turning processes is a genuine competitive advantage. German company Heidenhain believes that machine tools equipped with its controls provide the best technical prerequisites, which is why the company presented live CNC demonstrations at EMO 2019 last week.

Starting with a batch size of one, Heidenhain’s TNC controls provide process reliability, accuracy and productivity as well as facilitating simple, reliable digital integration of the machine into the process chain, says the company. Ensuring this capability are various functions that include Dynamic Precision, Dynamic Efficiency and Connected Machining, as well as numerous additional options.
Due to its split screen, the new TNC 640 with 24” widescreen and ‘Extended Workspace Compact’ offers two work areas, allowing a user to have other applications displayed alongside the screen to create a user-friendly workstation for organising jobs digitally, directly at the control.
At EMO, Heidenhain also presented the new Component Monitoring option for TNC controls, which observes processes and protects machines from equipment failure due to wear or overload. For example, continuous monitoring of spindle bearing load avoids defined limits from being exceeded, preventing damage to the spindle. Monitoring of the feed axes allows conclusions to be drawn concerning ballscrew wear and any potential failure. This function increases process reliability, productivity and machine lifetime, while simultaneously reducing unplanned downtime and costs.
During live demonstrations within EMO’s ‘mav industrie 4.0 area’, Heidenhain, OPS-Ingersoll and Haimer showed that intelligent data management of an automated manufacturing environment, including predictive job planning, works reliably and efficiently.
For further information www.heidenhain.co.uk