Halter and Fastems join forces

Halter CNC Automation from the Netherlands and Finland-based Fastems have established a joint venture that became active on 30 September 2019. Relevant parts of Fastems Systems GmbH, namely those related to R&D and production of the Halter LoadAssistant product range, will be transferred to the newly founded Halter CNC Automation GmbH.

This company will be located in Issum, Germany and, together with Halter CNC Automation BV, will form the Halter Group.
Since 2013, Halter has been working closely with Fastems on the engineering and development of the Halter LoadAssistant portfolio. In addition, Fastems Systems GmbH has been the sole manufacturer of the product line. Hundreds of units have since been delivered to more than 25 countries, through a network of machine-tool manufacturers and distributors in Europe and the US. A more intensive and integrated co-operation is a natural step in order to become a leader in flexible, plug and play automation solutions for CNC machines.
For further information https://haltercncautomation.com/