Gunning for success at Gamebore

“Quality comes first without any compromise,” is the ethos of Gamebore Cartridge Co Ltd, a Hull-based manufacturer of shotgun cartridges that contacted MecWash when a new component cleaning system was needed.

“We provide a full range of products for game and clay shooters at every stage of their development, from beginners through to world champions, and need to ensure we maintain the highest standard of cleanliness when making our cartridges,” says Phil Plowman, director at Gamebore.
“Our existing component-cleaning regime was not as robust as it could be and, as the only UK cartridge manufacturer operating to the exacting ISO 9001 standard, we cannot afford to leave any level of detail to chance.”
Gamebore duly approached MecWash, which recommended the installation of a Duo 400, an aqueous-cleaning system which can be applied to even the smallest of parts, such as the diamond shot used in manufacturing Gamebore’s cartridges.
“The other factor that made us choose a Duo was its relatively small footprint, as space is always at a premium in any factory setting and ours is no exception,” says Plowman. “This is especially as we are experiencing continual growth at the moment and need to ensure our Gamebore Shotwell Tower, the only working shot tower in the UK, is able to meet the increase in orders.
“We have been delighted with the quality of cleaning achieved by the Duo 400 because of the pristine finish it offers,” he continues. “This is vital as any specks of dirt, even the smallest amount, will affect the accuracy and repeatability of the final shot, both of which are critical factors in successful competition shooting.”
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