GFMS enhances wire EDM series

GF Machining Solutions has recently introduced four features to its latest generation of wire EDM machines: Intelligent Spark Protection System (ISPS) for monitoring spark distribution along the wire; iWire to optimise and reduce wire consumption; Uniqua, the company’s new HMI for EDM machines; and TurboTech, new standard technology that is faster than the existing speed technology on its wire-cutting EDM machines.

Essentially, the new ISPS module analyses sparks and clearly defines their concentration. As a consequence, it is possible to adjust machine parameters accordingly (in real time) to prevent wire breakage and maintain optimal cutting speed. The process is automatic and effective, especially when experiencing difficult cutting conditions and, as a result, users can eliminate machine downtime and process interruptions.

iWire is a sustainable, intelligent process that helps to optimise and reduce wire consumption. As an adaptive software module, iWire comes into its own when individual workpieces ready for machining present big variations in height or when the upper and lower heads cannot be placed close to the surface of the workpiece. The module helps reduce wire consumption rates by up to 40%, as well as wire costs.

According to GFMS, the Uniqua HMI is powerful and intuitive, helping customers to improve their productivity, determine and re-order their machining priorities and ultimately get the most from their wire EDM machines. Uniqua adapts to the customer’s way of working. Integrated on-board help and tutorials are always available, making it easy to use, not only for operators accustomed to ISO programming, but also for relative novices.

TurboTech offers an excellent speed-accuracy compromise in good or bad flushing conditions, is available for all wire types, and is fully integrated in Uniqua or AC Cut 2 interfaces.

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