GB Precision upgrades microscope

Birmingham-based GB Precision has expanded the benefits obtained from its toolmaker’s microscope by equipping it with a Tucsen TrueChrome Metrics digital image measurement system. The TrueChrome transmits images directly from the microscope, in real time, to an attached PC screen. Last year, Alrad Imaging announced a UK distributorship for Tucsen scientific cameras.

“This has greatly increased the advantages we gain from the microscope, transforming it from solely an inspection tool into a flexible communication device that helps us solve engineering problems,” says GB Precision director Paul Turner. “One of the issues with using a microscope on its own is that, naturally, only one person at a time can view the image. That’s inconvenient when wanting to discuss a specific feature, angle or geometry with members of the team.”
Using the camera attachment, the image is displayed directly on a PC screen, so several people can simultaneously see the component under review and, if the viewing angle, position or magnification needs to be altered, again, all parties see the change immediately. Furthermore, viewing the images on a large PC screen is easier than looking through a microscope eyepiece, making detailed image scrutiny a more comfortable experience.
Another significant benefit is the ability to automatically store data directly to the PC, thus maintaining a detailed record for future use – a growing requirement of customers in sectors such as aerospace, medical and pharmaceutical.
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