Five-axis gantry-based profiling centre

The new top-of-the-range model from Elumatec is a breakthrough: as the first five-axis machine in a gantry design, the SBZ 155 profile machining centre raises the bar for automated CNC machining of aluminium and thin-walled steel profiles. With better performance than ever before and designed entirely to meet customer needs, Elumatec says that customers can accelerate their processes and open up new business segments.
The machine is expected to be available from Q1 2023.

“Our new top-of-the-range model gives industrial and metal construction customers a clear competitive edge,” says Elumatec CEO Paolo Bianchi. One example is the tool changeover times of the SBZ 155, which are minimised by the high rates of travel of the servo axes to guarantee optimum machining cycles.

Customisable equipment options give customers maximum flexibility to make their production processes even more efficient, and optional features include six-sided machining from below with an angle head and the space-saving gantry drive.

The SBZ 155 will be a particular asset for businesses which are thinking big in every sense: its large on-board magazines can be equipped with 14 standard tools, and depending on the individual configuration, up to six special tools and two 200 or 550 mm diameter saw blades can be used.

A gantry design and a machining area divided into two zones allow profiles with cross-sections of up to 1000 x 380 mm to be picked up and passed through, as well as flexible working in shuttle mode. Overall, the SBZ 155 delivers precise machining results even at high rates of travel, while its speed-regulated spindle ensures high process reliability even with quickly changing loads.
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