First UK fibre-laser installation for Mantech

Mantech has announced that its first UK fibre-laser installation is a 750 W system at Nottingham-based Storer Refrigeration & Catering Manufacturers Ltd.
Business owner and managing director Graham Storer established the company in 1975 to serve the commercial refrigeration market. Indeed, it wasn’t long before Storer and his team made a name for themselves designing and building their own cold rooms. In the 1980s, the development of new products led to expansion, centred mainly on state-of-the-art technology and processes in combination with a growing workforce.
The addition of the fibre-laser cutter from Mantech has already reduced outsourcing and stockholding costs, as Storer now has the ability to produce components on demand,
and carry out modifications
and prototyping on-site. Furthermore, the company is enjoying a reduction in consumables such as drills and sanding and cutting discs, thanks to the edge quality produced by the fibre laser on components that would usually require further finishing.
In total, the company estimates it saves around £60,000 per annum from no longer buying-in finished components and consumables. Add to this savings of around £140,000 per annum in labour costs, and as a result of improved productivity, and the financial benefits are plain to see.
“The laser is amazing, it works 8 hours a day with no problems and is the best investment I have made,” states Storer.
Mantech can supply fibre laser cutting system starting from £39,000, with finance options available. Furthermore, to complement the lasers, the company has also introduced a new range of press brakes described as “high-specification” and “value for money”.
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