Fibre laser offers parallel kinematics

The liquid-cooled cutting head on Haco Kingsland’s latest-generation FL series fibre-laser cutter features the ability to apply ‘Parallel Kinematics Technology’ for dynamic 5G cutting processes. The technology is said to save users time, space and money.
Offering 3 or 4 m capacity, the machines can be supplied with either 3 or 4 kW laser resonators together with an integrated loading and unloading system. The result is a compact laser-cutting cell with a footprint of less than 11 x 6 m that is suitable for unmanned operation.
Thanks to the ability of modern fibre-laser cutting processes to reduce cycle times, especially for thin materials, automation of loading and unloading processes has become a must. The automatic loading station for the FL series contains a novel gripper concept. Exiting out of a vertically-moving frame, the gripper is equipped with intelligent suction cups, a separator unit, double-sheet detector and separation air-blow. In combination with the automatic scratch-free unloading system, this allows efficient unmanned production for improved cost per part ratios, as well as enhanced profitability and return on investment, says the company. Sheet stability is assured via the deployment of three CNC retractable clamps.
According to Haco Kingsland, FL series laser cutters are highly suitable for continuous nesting operations on different sheet sizes and thicknesses.
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