Faro extends next-generation FaroArm

Faro has introduced the new Quantum M FaroArm. This addition rounds out the next-generation FaroArm portfolio led by the Quantum S, which was announced last month.
The Quantum M includes the same functionality as its portfolio companion with an accuracy specification that makes it a good mid-market alternative for applications that do not require the high-performance specifications of the Quantum S.

The Quantum M is certified to the ISO 10360 -12:2016 international measurement quality standard and tests to the International Electrical Commission (IEC 60068-2) standards for shock, vibration and temperature stress relief. Also included is the FaroBlu laser line probe HD, the next generation of blue line laser technology that enables five times faster scanning than the previous generation, even on complex surfaces comprised of dark or reflective materials.
The Quantum M is easy to manoeuvre as it is 20% lighter in the hand than its predecessors and requires no warm up time. This ensures better productivity in the inspection, design and manufacturing process by enabling operators to work longer and more comfortably.
Quantum M permits continuous operation anywhere on the factory floor with industrial-grade wireless connectivity and dual, hot-swappable batteries.
“We are directing our efforts to assuring that we deliver products that adhere to the most rigorous global quality standards, including ISO 10360 -12:2016 and IEC 60068-2,” states Joseph Arezone chief commercial officer. “As standard practice, arm users going forward should be willing to accept only those products that are subjected to the broadest, most objective and the most challenging quality standards available.”
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