Enhanced view, capture and measure tasks

All microscope users looking to boost their view, capture, measure applications will benefit from a new innovation from Keyence.

The VHX-7000 digital microscope, which is now available in the UK and Ireland, offers high magnification and accuracy, and is said to be both versatile and easy to use.
Using the Keyence VHX-7000, both 2D and 3D measurements can be performed. Just one microscope is required to take roughness, contamination, grain size and a host of other measurements. Observation is provided with an optimal balance of brightness and clarity. Moreover, images can be easily saved on the 1 TB hard drive (enough capacity for millions of images) and shared over LAN or USB. Similarly, reports can be automatically created and shared.
Features such as ´Optical Shadow Effect Mode´ make subtle contours stand out (in colour) and enhance uneven surfaces and stains at the push of a button. By combining a 4K CMOS image sensor with a new multi-directional lighting variation technique, the VHX-7000 can deliver images that rival an SEM (scanning electron microscope).
Even novice users can easily capture high-resolution images, says Keyence. The operator simply places the target on the stage, and everything else – including alignment and focus adjustment – is fully automatic. A handheld controller puts functions such as magnification switching at the fingertips of
the user.
A combination of optics, digital camera, electronics, software, and a wide choice of motorised XYZ and rotary stages, means users can perform complete inspection and analysis using a single system.
For further information www.keyence.co.uk