Endeavor on the front foot

Didcot-based Endeavor Engineering is a subcontract supplier of precision parts to sectors that include motorsport, semiconductor, oil and gas, aerospace, and scientific instrumentation.

From the outset in 2012 the company has invested in new Doosan machine tools from Mills CNC. In fact, Endeavor Engineering now has eight Doosan machines at its disposal: three Puma lathes and five DNM-series machining centres.

Says company director Martin Bell: “We did our homework: we spoke to customers and we attended trade shows. From our research we found that Doosan machines were popular. They had a good reputation in the market and were renowned for their quality, performance, reliability and value.

“When we first approached Mills to discuss our machining requirements, they understood what we were trying to achieve and were on-board immediately,” he adds.

The Doosan machines at Endeavor Engineering are being used to produce a range of components made from materials including steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminium, plastics and composites, to exacting accuracies and finishes.
“We have a good relationship with Mills CNC based on mutual integrity and trust,” says Bell. “In addition to investing in Doosan machines we use Mills’ independently-operated machine-tool finance arm to help fund our investments, and its CNC Training Academy to help train our programmers and operators.”

Adds fellow director Andy Strong: “Continuous improvement is a journey, not a destination. We’re constantly looking to move forward and be the best we possibly can.”

Endeavor has a rolling five-year plan that is flexible, and reviewed and updated regularly to ensure its relevancy. As part of the plan, the company is shortly hoping to increase its current 4500 sq ft of floor space by acquiring premises adjacent to its existing facility.

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