EDM investment delivers productivity

As part of the Volz Group, Volz Engineering Ltd has ambitious growth plans. The Rochdale-based company has recently invested in a new CMM, two three-axis machining centres, a turning centre and, most recently, a Mitsubishi MV2400S wire EDM machine from the Engineering Technology Group (ETG).

Volz Group produces HVAC filters for commercial and industrial applications, and manufactures the machinery for producing the filters and associated components like filter frames and clips.

Managing director Alan Reeson says: “EDM is an integral part of our business as it services both the press tool and automated machinery departments. The outstanding service and support ETG provided for our previous 25-year-old Mitsubishi machine was why didn’t need to look elsewhere for a new machine.”

The new MV2400S provides a “night and day” contrast to the company’s previous wire EDM machine.

“First and foremost, the new Mitsubishi can run lights out giving us 24/7 production,” says Reeson. “We currently run one shift, but the facility to set the machine up to run unmanned overnight is a huge advantage. This is credit to the wire having the facility to re-thread and re-position itself automatically and continue working, so the machine doesn’t lose production hours if the wire breaks. Additionally, the set-up time is 60% faster on the new Mitsubishi MV2400S than the previous machine. We are now setting up and running jobs in less than one hour. More impressive is that as part of the training programme from ETG, the ETG engineer ran through ways to set up existing jobs differently to how our shop floor staff have previously done things. As we do a lot of repeat work, this further improves our processes, productivity and throughput.”

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