DXF – complex made easy with ProtoTrak

The ProtoTrak SMX CNC system available from XYZ Machine Tools is now available with an optional DXF file converter. By importing CAD files in DXF or DWG formats, via USB or a network connection, operators can quickly simplify the data by turning off layers such as borders and dimensions before choosing their initial datum point. Once selected, the standard ProtoTrak conversational programming language is used to create the machining path. The added advantage is that all points are taken from the CAD file, so no dimensional mistakes can occur as a result of the operator inputting incorrect data.

Once the program has been created, the operator can use the standard features of ProtoTrak to confirm the tool path or verify the part in 3D to show the machining process on screen.
For companies using 3D solid-modelling software, ProtoTrak is also able to import Parasolid data (.X_T format), which can be viewed in 3D with the ability to zoom, rotate and pan the drawing. Furthermore, using ProtoTrak’s ‘Inquiry’ function, the operator can interrogate the Parasolid file to ensure the correct tooling is used and that cycle times are minimised.
“The functionality and power of the ProtoTrak CNC control system, puts it head and shoulders above other systems aimed at one-off and low-to medium-volume production,” states XYZ’s managing director Nigel Atherton. “The option of the DXF converter and Parasolid model data takes the efficiency of ProtoTrak to the next level.”
For further information www.xyzmachinetools.com