DP premieres Esprit Additive Suite

At last month’s EMO exhibition in Hanover, Germany, DP Technology unveiled its Additive Suite of solutions for the simplification of additive manufacturing processes from 3D CAD model to printed part. The Esprit Additive Suite offers programming, optimisation and simulation for direct metal deposition, 3D powder bed and subtractive manufacturing.

Features for direct metal deposition tools include: special trajectories for additive processes and full-spectrum toolpaths for subtractive processes; simulation and verification for both additive and subtractive processes; and universal post processing for any CNC machine tool.
The Esprit Additive app for 3D powder-bed fusion systems is a printer driver that supports the full process of additive manufacturing, from orienting the part and creating supports, through optimising the build, slicing and nesting, to generating a job file. Features include a new ‘Part-to-Build’ workflow whereby a 3D CAD file is combined with manufacturing information and converted into a job file containing all the information necessary to build a part on a specific machine.
Part-to-Build workflow is essentially a portable, reusable print driver that allows an intermediary Part-to-Build file to be created and reused in other job files without redefining the manufacturing information. This creates traceability, saves time and improves consistency, says DP.
An additive process control app allows information sharing among multiple users. The app stores information including original 3D CAD files, Part-to-Build files and job files, as well as post-build information such as user comments, build results and machine log files.
For further information www.espritcam.com