Creaform partners with QFP

Creaform and QFP, an Italian metrology company, have announced a strategic partnership to further deploy automated quality control solutions for the European manufacturing industry. QFP carries out its operations from facilities in Padua and Spoleto, and is able to offer its expertise to customers all over Europe.

The agreement signed between Creaform and QFP defines the latter as Creaform’s “strategic partner” for automation activities in Europe. This brings added value to the customers of both companies as it increases the offer of automated QFP systems, and makes this technology available to even more Creaform users in Europe.

Starting from Creaform solutions for automated quality control applications, the R-Series 3D scanning solution, QFP will be able to adapt this standard product to customised applications. The QBox Evolution meets specific customer requirements. Modification of the layout and integration with production lines, as well as the introduction of additional axes, contour elements, control cameras, and automatic loading/unloading systems, complete the proposal.

“The satisfaction of those who successfully use our systems is the most powerful engine that pushes us to invest energy and resources to perfect our skills,” says Roberto Mazzetto director of sales and marketing at QFP. “Our expertise as an integrator and solution provider is what most distinguishes us from other companies in the sector, and sharing these pluses with a company that focuses on the same values is what we were looking for to help our customers and partners grow in a healthy and structured way.”

Stefan Hoheisel, director of global business development at Creaform, adds: “The collaboration with QFP brings the already strong proposition of Creaform’s 3D metrology tools, skills and experience to the next level.”

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