Compact precision machining from Kern

First previewed at MACH 2018 (pictured), the Kern Micro Pro compact five-axis machining centre from Rainford Precision is now officially launched in the UK. The Kern Micro Pro has a novel integrated workpiece and tool-changing facility that means it requires less than 4 sq m of floor space.

Built for 24/7 operation, the machine is characterised by its long-term stability and precision levels; less than 5 µm during five-axis machining. This accuracy is built upon a UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete) base that has no disruptive interfaces and is thermo-symmetrically constructed from a single casting.
“Kern has made every effort to creatively integrate all features,” says Rainford’s managing director Arthur Turner. “This includes the tool cabinet for up to 210 HSK40 tools measuring up to 70 mm in diameter. The cabinet also accommodates up to 30 workpieces with a height of 200 mm and a diameter up to 350 mm. Of completely modular design, the cabinet can be easily and safely accessed while the machine is running.”
Giving the modular configuration and space-saving claims further credibility is the integrated chip conveyor, and the options of integrated dust or emulsion mist extraction systems that can be configured into the machine without requiring additional space.
“The Kern Micro Pro also has a 42,000 rpm spindle that increases machining speeds by 60-70% when compared with standard machine tools that have a 15,000 to 20,000 rpm spindle motor,” says Turner.
Inside the work envelope is a rotary/swivel axis with torque motors for simultaneous five-axis
machining. The X, Y and Z axes offer 350, 220 and 250 mm respectively, supported by a 360° rotary axis and 200° swivel axis.
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