Drill-to-finish bore solutions

The recent acquisition by Sunnen of BTA Heller has created an interesting solution for shops seeking complete bore drilling-to-finishing capabilities.

As a result of the purchase, Sunnen, which claims to be the world’s largest vertically integrated manufacturer of honing systems for precision bore sizing and finishing, now adds BTA’s deep-hole tooling and systems for primary hole generation.
“We have developed various tools and systems to facilitate intricate, internal, profiled deep-hole drilling from 12.7 to 914.4 mm (0.5 to 36”) diameter,” says Mark Sollich, director of Sunnen’s BTA Heller division. “To combine forces with Sunnen and its bore geometry expertise creates a unique resource. No other company can provide a total bore solution from the creation of the primary hole to the final bore finish specifications.”
In addition, as Sunnen enters the skiving/roller burnishing sector, the company brings its approach of providing support to customers using non-Sunnen equipment for bore creation and finishing, a key advantage for shops with a variety of machine types and/or manufacturers.
“Our companies complement each other very well,” says Chris Miltenberger, president and COO of Sunnen. “No other deep-hole/BTA company has Sunnen’s global presence for customer, technical and post-sales support. The transfer of knowledge between the two companies will create a unique value proposition, and Sunnen’s financial stability and strong sales and service network will deliver this expertise to our customers.”
For further information www.sunnen.com

Showing off the best in tool grinding

Walter Ewag UK, a member of the United Grinding Group, reports that a number of machines from the Walter Helitronic tool grinding/erosion and Walter Helicheck tool measurement machine range, as well as Ewag’s Laser Line Precision insert production machine, will be on view at AMB (18-22 September, Stuttgart).

Visitors to AMB will, therefore, have the opportunity to see for themselves the build quality of these machines and, of course, investigate the numerous technology features available to help improve productivity and quality levels in terms of both
tool manufacturing and regrinding, as well as tool inspection and insert production using a laser.
From the Walter Helitronic range of multi-axis tool grinding/erosion and re-grinders, on show will be the two-in-one Power Diamond 400 grinding/erosion machine with robot loader – for the production of PCD as well as carbide tooling – and the Power 400 tool grinder/re-grinder with robot loader.
Both machines can accommodate tools of 3 to 315 mm diameter and up to 380 mm long, and in addition to having a grinding wheel/electrode changer (four-station as standard; eight-station optional) for increased automation and unmanned operation, both can utilise a range of robot loading solutions.
Walter’s Tool Studio 3 software will also be available, and this has integrated wizard technology for fast tool production simulation, parameter changes and machine operation – including an erosion function option for the fast and easy programming of ‘what you see you can grind and erode’.
Complementing these will be the Walter Helicheck Plus tool measurement machine with robot loader and the Helicheck 3D.
For further information www.walter-tools.com

Automated finishing cuts costs

Immediately inside the visitor entrance to Surface World Live 2018 (19-20 September, Birmingham NEC), vibratory finishing specialist PDJ Vibro will promote its range of new and refurbished bowls, barrels and high-energy centrifugal equipment, as well as the large range of consumables on offer.

The company will also stress its comprehensive service offer, from technical consultancy and applications engineering, through machine upgrade, repair and part-exchange, to 24/7 subcontract vibratory finishing and polishing.
Vibratory machines ensure that deburring, descaling, edge breaking, surface finishing and superfinishing of components is carried out automatically, consistently and to a high degree of repeatability that is unattainable when processing by hand. The process also reduces labour costs, reworking and scrap. At the same time, parts can be degreased, rinsed, dried and pre-treated for anodising, chemical blacking or painting.
Another area of focus will be the vast range of components that can be efficiently and safely processed using the vibratory technique. Anything from rusty old chains to parts machined to tolerances measured in single-figure microns are suitable candidates for vibratory finishing, as are delicate components produced by additive manufacturing.
PDJ Vibro’s main vibratory bowl range has process chamber sizes from 7.5 to 6000 litres, while three entry-level models have capacities of 300, 150 and 75 litres. Rectangular troughs in 13 sizes, with capacities from 22 to 2200 litres, are the preferred choice for finishing longer items and those made from sheet metal.
For further information www.pdjvibro.co.uk

Precision cylindrical grinding technology

The latest Kellenberger 100 Concept cylindrical grinding machine will feature on the Hardinge stand at the forthcoming AMB 2018 exhibition (18-22 September, Stuttgart).

In terms of functionality, the Kellenberger 100 Concept, which was launched last year, delivers a range of configuration alternatives to meet the widest range of grinding applications. Modular construction based on a common platform is designed to reduce machine build time yet accommodate numerous ‘standard’ options with a good price-to-performance ratio for the end user, says the company.
Three important features distinguish the 100 machine series. Firstly there is a collision-free compact wheel-head solution with integral motor spindles and a reinforced casing for larger wheel diameters when internal grinding. A choice of 10 wheel-head variations is available to ensure the optimal machine configuration based on the components to be processed.
The second stand-out feature is the enhancement of performance parameters. A higher grinding wheel drive power increases productivity, while the Z guideway produces higher profile precision from the C axis, again enhancing precision when performing
non-circular grinding.
Finally, the service-friendly machine concept is also of note. Kellenberger’s service teams were involved in the design and optimisation of the machine, which impacts on faster maintenance and service operations, while optimum accessibility of maintenance-intensive components is assured.
The Kellenberger machines feature the latest Fanuc 31i CNC controls with 19” touchscreen guidance system on an operator friendly, intuitive touchscreen panel. Among the options is the newly designed cycle programming or workpiece-related graphic programming.
For further information www.jonesshipman.com

Seven AGS principals at AMB

Seven of Advanced Grinding Solutions’ principals are exhibiting at the forthcoming AMB show in Stuttgart (18-22 September): Bahmuller, Tschudin, Rollomatic, Magnetfinish, Gerber, Platit and HandlingTech.

Bahmuller produces internal and external cylindrical grinding machines for manufacturing precision components used in the fuel-injection and turbocharger industries. One of Bahmuller’s largest end users is Delphi Technologies, which produces diesel injector systems for heavy-duty truck applications at its manufacturing centre in Gloucestershire.
Tschudin has chosen the AMB show as the worldwide premier appearance of its 350 Cube centerless grinding machine. The Tschudin Cube is thought to be the world’s smallest centerless grinding machine with a footprint of just 1500 x 1500 x 1500 mm, and is designed to grind small components from 1 to 20 mm in diameter for the automotive and medical industries.
Since starting working with Rollomatic last summer, AGS has reported major sales to cutting tool and medical component manufacturers in the UK and Ireland. In fact, Rollomatic continues to enjoy record machine sales of its range of blank preparation and five- and six-axis tool-grinding machines.
AGS currently has several Magnetfinish machines under order for the UK and recently gave the company its biggest ever single order (in excess of £1.2m) following sales made to a UK-based automotive parts manufacturer that will take delivery of large robot-based deburring machines early next year.
Platit machines are used for the coating of cutting tools, and the company will be demonstrating its latest cost-effective machines to show how small-to-medium tool manufacturers can profit by bringing the coating of their cutters in-house.
Completing the AGS line-up at AMB will be HandlingTech, which makes loading solutions that are custom-designed for any machine tool.
For further information www.advancedgrindingsolutions.co.uk